Théâtre 2.21

Rue de l'Industrie 10
Shows staged mainly by companies from Lausanne and French-speaking Switzerland.
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Carla, the alternative view
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Carla the alternative view
I appreciate it for its attachment to the local scene, its commitment to the neighbourhood and its rich programming. The place is both a springboard for young artists and a stage for acknowledged personalities. Among the unmissables of the Lausanne scene.
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Once occupied by an old truck repair shop, 2.21 is the number allocated to this site in old construction and occupancy plans of warehouses belonging to the City of Lausanne. From 1994 onwards it has been a pocket-sized theatre with multiple auditoriums and a launch-pad for young artists. Théâtre 2.21 is available for a variety of genres - theatre, musicals, lectures, improvisations etc. With its shows in all of these disciplines, it is both about the genres and the means of expression.
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