Shopping in Lausanne

 Set off on a shopping spree, Lausanne style! Spot true gems in the small creator boutiques, fill up on delicious local products and stroll around the city’s charming streets in your quest for unique items. 

Small shops

Do you prefer to shop in small boutiques? Then the following places are for you.

Small grocery shops

Encourage local trade by shopping in the small Lausanne grocery stores and savouring regional products. Drop packaging and choose buying in bulk!

Department stores in Lausanne

Department stores assemble and reflect the latest trends in shopping. Ranging from retail spaces for ready-to-wear fashion labels to luxury jewellery, not to mention the latest designer handbags, beauty products presented like jewels and entire floors dedicated to decoration and table art, you will stroll from one universe to the next in a hushed and sumptuous setting.

Luxury shopping destination in Lausanne

No matter what you are looking for, Lausanne is a mini-shopping paradise, with some unique stores offering an exquisite selection of the biggest brands in ready-to-wear and leather goods. From Hermès scarves to Louis Vuitton bags, the best luxury shops are situated in the Rue de Bourg and Place Saint-François at the heart of the old town.

Jeweller's shops in Lausanne

You will appreciate the warm welcome and excellent service provided by specialists in high-end brands such as Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Hublot. Lausanne is a showcase for prestigious Swiss watch brands and famous jewellery, with leading shops displaying a wide range of watches, jewellery and accessories of superb quality.

Adresses of children's shops

There are also specialist retailers for children! Fairytale toy shops, sensible clothing for little rascals or branded footwear: these are just some of the shops dedicated to children. What would you say to a family shopping spree in Lausanne?

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