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The Lausanner
The Lausanner
April 14, 2021

Your stay in Lausanne is coming to an end and apart from the amazing memories and wonderful photos that you will take home, you are still short of a small gift.

An object, a post card, a little something to give as a present or for you to keep to remind you of the few days you spent in the Olympic capital. What do you really have to find space for in your suitcase?

Vintage poster

The famous vintage posters of Lausanne are attractive souvenirs of the city for you to put on your wall or as a gift. Created in 2012 to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Lausanne Tourisme, the posters illustrate the iconic features of Lausanne. Lake Geneva, Ouchy, the cathedral or the city’s golf courses, the vintage posters of the city will fill you with nostalgia about you visit to Lausanne.

Posters vintage - © Vera Hirzel Geroges J. Flemwell Jean Walter Posters vintage - © Vera Hirzel Geroges J. Flemwell Jean Walter

Toys for the children

If you want to spoil your children before leaving Lausanne, La Marelle has to be your next stop. This little shop on the Rue de la Mercerie is bursting with treasures. Toys from yesteryear which are sure to surprise your children.


Le Bazar d’Ouchy

If you prefer something typically Swiss or even kitsch, you are sure to find what you are looking for at the Bazar d’Ouchy. Swiss cow-bells, cuckoo clocks, Swiss army knives, Swiss chocolate or post cards, beer mugs, bags, cups depicting Lausanne … A real Aladdin’s cave.

LT/ Laurent Kaczor LT/ Laurent Kaczor

Lausanne wines

If you venture into the vineyards on the shores of Lake Geneva between Lavaux and “la Côte” (the region between Geneva and Lausanne) you will be surprised at the beauty of the countryside. The city of Lausanne is the largest public owner of vines in the region and produces quality wines for you to drink and enjoy or give to others. Back home all you have to do is close your eyes, take a few sips of Lausanne wine and you will find yourself back on the shores of Lake Geneva.

LT/ Sarah Jaquemet LT/ Sarah Jaquemet

Beers from local breweries

Wine is not the only quality drink the city of Lausanne can offer you. The city is certainly not short of excellent craft breweries. La Nébuleuse, Docteur Gab’s brewery (just 15 minutes from the city) or the Fleurs du Malt brewery brew excellent local craft beers that you can find in Lausanne’s many bars.

Bouteilles de bière La Nebuleuse ©Maillefer Bouteilles de bière La Nebuleuse ©Maillefer

Or make your way to la Mise en bière located at Rue de la Tour 14 to try some excellent Lausanne beers.

A box of chocolates

Swiss chocolate! There’s nothing better … although a fondue is pretty good too! You can find lots of chocolate shops in Lausanne, all of them offering craftsman-produced chocolates which you will certainly not forget. Make a point of stopping at Durig Chocolatier, at Rue de la Mercerie 3 where you will find a pretty shop-front hiding miniature delicacies to die for.

Laurent KACZOR Laurent KACZOR

Just a short distance from there, in the Rue Marterey, Noz Chocolatier is another wonderful place in Lausanne for chocolate specialities. A box of chocolates to give to your friends or for a moment of indulgence on your settee at home is a certain hit!


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The Olympic Museum’s souvenir shop

The Olympic Museum is certainly on your “to-visit” list of museums in Lausanne – and quite right too! Lausanne, the Olympic capital, is the home of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Olympic Museum and many sport’s associations. The Olympic spirit is everywhere in the city. So, at the end of your visit, stop off in the “TOM boutique”, the museum’s shop and buy a little sporting souvenir.

Tom boutique de souvenirs dans le Musée Olympique ©CIO/Lydie Nesvadba Tom boutique de souvenirs dans le Musée Olympique ©CIO/Lydie Nesvadba

A souvenir of Lausanne cathedral

At the end of your stay you will certainly leave the city with a splendid panoramic view of Lausanne taken from high up in the cathedral’s tower. And when you have descended the 224 steps, what about stopping to buy a small souvenir of this iconic building? Mugs, umbrellas, pens or notebooks with the cathedral’s logo are on sale here. You can also find astrological magnets or mirrors in the shape of the impressive rose window that you can admire in the cathedral. The shop also sells a series of post cards you can take home showing all the many wonderful views of the cathedral.

Vue sur la cathédrale de Lausanne © LT/ Régis Colombo Vue sur la cathédrale de Lausanne © LT/ Régis Colombo
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