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Carla, l’alternative

Carla, l’alternative

Hi, my name’s Carla and I'm 25 years old. In my leisure time I like reading, getting tattoos (yes, you could definitely say so), watching and performing theatrical improvisation, finding new emerging artists for the Pop Up Mag webzine that I co-manage, checking out new restaurants, travelling (of course!), drawing, buying one more “new” vintage dish too many... I grew up in Lausanne and my heart will remain here even though I like to move around and will soon be going to study in Lyon and Brussels. It's when you're away from it that you realise that Lausanne may be small, but it's a great place to live!
« My Lausanne is: getting lost in the charming streets of the Cité district; feeling the pulsating energy of its numerous events, both large and small; walking from Croisettes through the Hermitage to Ouchy; drinking a few beers on the terrace of the Great Escape in summer; hunting for rare oddities at the Place de la Riponne market; going back in time to my childhood while eating crêpes at La Chandeleur; reading a book in Parc de Mon-Repos..." »
«Wonderful programming for children and adults alike, acclaimed by the critics, with theatrical improvisation, concerts and festivals, the City Club’s associative team doesn’t remain idle! Come and enjoy the cinema’s legendary sitting comfort, and from there, it just gets better.»
About Cinema City Club
«Amateur or just curious, set off on a discovery of funny, bewildering, fascinating, intriguing or even disturbing creations. Our favourite? Undoubtedly Lausanne artist Aloïse and her lovely ladies with large blue eyes that have always made me dream. You won’t come out of it unchanged.»
About Collection de l'Art Brut
«I appreciate it for its attachment to the local scene, its commitment to the neighbourhood and its rich programming. The place is both a springboard for young artists and a stage for acknowledged personalities. Among the unmissables of the Lausanne scene.»
About Théâtre 2.21
«Did you know? Café Dalat occupies the bar of the former funicular that linked Lausanne to the Signal de Sauvabelin. This is a place with an unconventional atmosphere with its chubby, smiling Buddhas and the famous Vietnamese garnished rice wafers. Beware: do book ahead as it’s in high demand!»
About Café Dalat