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Whether by bus or by bike, on foot or on skates, Lausanne lends itself to endless exploration: museum visits, a stroll in the parks and gardens or along the floral quays, excursions on the lake or in the vineyards, sporting and cultural activities, a relaxing spa break, shopping and nights out.

  • Highlights

    Nestled by the shimmering waters of Lake Geneva, Lausanne is a beautiful place to be at any time of year.

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  • Lausanne for families

    Lausanne is the perfect destination for a family break: You will be able to benefit from the many parks and gardens, as well as areas set aside for relaxation, play or discovery - all set against the backdrop of the Alps and Lake Geneva.

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  • Dancing in Lausanne

  • Shopping

    Shopping becomes part of the enjoyment in Lausanne, where every variety of shop is represented within easy walking distance in the city centre.

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  • Gastronomic encounters

    Lausanne has more than 300 restaurants catering for all appetites, from brasserie to exclusive fine dining.

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  • Museums

    The museums in Lausanne are steeped in history. Their exhibitions leave a lasting impression on visitors and are known far and wide.

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  • Parks

    Many of the parks in Lausanne are the vestiges of vast estates that once belonged to eminent families.

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  • Nightlife

    When it comes to nightlife in Switzerland, Lausanne has been a leading light since the 1990s, with a reputation that attracts people who enjoy evening festivities from all over Switzerland and Europe.

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  • Highlights of the surrounding areas

    Situated at the heart of Europe, Lausanne benefits from an advantageous geographical location close to innumerable prestigious tourist destinations

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  • Escape Game

    One team, one mystery, 60 minutes and a live escape game... Find the list of different escape games in Lausanne.

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  • Foxtrail Lausanne – on the fox’s trail

    Foxtrail is a hectic treasure hunt that combines a scavenger hunt and an escape game.

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  • Unmissable events in Winter

    The fairytale world of Christmas is invading the streets of Lausanne: the Lausanne Festival of Lights sets the city alight in a blaze of glory, whilst the Christmas market beneath its glass bubble attracts foodies and curious onlookers.

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  • Lausanne in winter

    Lausanne in winter is a city bubbling with a bold new cultural season, invigorating open-air activities, a breathtaking natural environment and restaurants and bars in which to recuperate, to refresh and to meet people! Discover cultural appointments, activities, events, and of course good restaurants in Lausanne.

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