A buzzing culture in Lausanne

Things are lively in the Olympic Capital! The cultural life in Lausanne keeps Lausanners quite busy: when they’re not visiting the latest exhibition at the Collection de l’Art Brut, the Olympic Museum or the Fondation de l’Hermitage, they can be found exploring Plateforme 10, the brand new Arts District. Not to forget the plays at the Théâtre de Vidy, the Arsenic, the Théâtre de Beaulieu or the Lausanne Opera, after which they meet up around drinks to chat about the performance. There are also the legendary concerts at the Docks and the performances by artists at the Festival de la Cité. Buzzing, cosmopolitan and accessible, culture is a reflection of Lausanne.

Must-see museums

Lausanne museums are always in the heat of the action to offer quality exhibitions that you will remember for a long time. Set off to discover those iconic places that Lausanners are always on the lookout for, as they wouldn’t miss something new for the world.

Our selection of not-to-be-missed exhibitions in Lausanne

Immerse yourself in the cultural effervescence of Lausanne! Discover exhibitions ranging from painting and sculpture to photography and contemporary art.


Cultural highlights

Highlights mark Lausanne’s cultural life every year. Remember to add them to your calendar!
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Art is everywhere in Lausanne

Sometimes, it’s just by walking around that we unearth incredible gems. Open your eyes wide and you’ll notice that art is everywhere in Lausanne.

Unique theatre plays that will thrill you

Theatre also sets the pace of life in Lausanne. Which is good news, as all tastes and interests are offered, including for the younger ones.

Places to eat

Exploring museum galleries whets the appetite! After admiring the splendor of a work of art, the illusion of a perspective or the prowess of some elite athletes, there's nothing like a culinary experience to prolong the pleasure. Here are a few suggestions for places to feast.