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Why should you come to Lausanne after the summer holidays?


That’s it, the holidays are over! And in Lausanne the autumn has lots to offer and is full of things to do and see… Who said it was impossible to extend the holiday season and spend an agreeable week-end in the capital of the Olympic movement? Even better, it’s a great time to visit the city when new and unmissable exhibitions and events are opening their doors. It’s also the perfect season for taking a walk in some exceptional surroundings and enjoying the sights…

The autumn’s unmissable events

Festivals, sporting events and culinary events - there’s no time to be bored in Lausanne! Your schedule will be full while you are here.

Some special offers which are not to be missed.

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New exhibitions in Lausanne

Culture occupies a special position in Lausanne and the timing is right: many of our museums are unveiling their new exhibitions - a must-see!

Traditional dishes and lunches

One thing is certain in Lausanne - there is always time to eat well. If you want dishes which are typical of the region, head off to the Café du Grütli, the Café de Grancy and the Chalet Suisse. Spoil yourself with the delicious fondues, the celebrated “papets vaudois” (local sausages, leeks and potatoes), “croûtes au fromage” (a richer and more substantial variation of the Welsh rarebit theme) and perch fillets which are never out of favour! And if you want to enjoy a lunch like a true citizen of Lausanne, the Tom Café and Le Pointu are your sort of place.

Hikes and walks starting from Lausanne

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Walking through the vines

Although the terraces of Lavaux, a UNESCO world heritage site, are sublime whatever the weather, the autumn is certainly one of the best times for a walk through the vines in their breath-taking setting. A further plus is that the grapes are now being harvested - a good excuse for a glass of local wine to be enjoyed with a view over the lake towards the mountains in the background, of course.

Highlights of Lausanne

Whether by bus or by bike, on foot or on skates, discover Lausanne, Olympic Capital: museum visits, a stroll in the parks and gardens or along the floral quays, excursions on the lake or in the vineyards, sporting and cultural activities, a relaxing spa break, shopping and nights out. So let’s get exploring Lausanne and make sure we don’t miss anything!