Enjoy autumn-time in Lausanne


That’s it, the holidays are over! And in Lausanne the autumn has lots to offer and is full of things to do and see… Who said it was impossible to extend the holiday season by making the most of the Olympic Capital? What’s more, it’s a great time to visit the city, with unique events, exhibitions to see or revisit, and new things not to be missed. In short, we’re on the starting blocks, and we’re taking you with us!

Let's go out!

Concerts, sports, fun and culture, there will be something for everyone... So book quickly, we'll see you there!

What are the good deals?

Everyone is on the lookout for the best deals, so make sure to check out our exceptional offers for your visit to Lausanne and make the most of the region. Book online, one click and it's in the bag!

Exhibitions to see at the last minute

Ready to try out some new restaurants in Lausanne?

One thing is certain in Lausanne – there is always time to eat well. So when new restaurants arrive in our beautiful city, we have no choice but to rush there to taste everything.

7 Lausanne restaurants with a stylish décor

We take you to those places with an uber-stylish décor that gratify the stomachs of foodies as much as Instagram photo enthusiasts !

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Riding the summer wave

Just because it's autumn doesn't mean we won't make the most of this last month of summer! There's still time to plan after-work drinks on the terrace, take a dip in the lake at sunset or go for a walk along the water's edge.
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