Where to cool down in Lausanne

July 16, 2019

The summer is on us in Lausanne and with it come blue skies, sun and heat. So what can we do when it’s just getting too hot and we need to cool down? We selected for you the best places to stay chilled in Lausanne when temperatures are on the rise.


With 16 large public parks, Lausanne has plenty of green spaces to offer. And when you’re looking for cooler spots in town, your best bet is in the shade of mighty trees.

One of the symbols of nature in town in Lausanne, Sauvabelin Park is loved by all: families for their Sunday outing, lovers wandering hand in hand and friends who wish to enjoy the view. The higher altitude and many large trees keep the atmosphere cooler.

Mon-Repos Park and its monumental trees are an invitation to relax (the clue is in the name, which means “My rest”). Take a blanket, a good book and settle down in the shade of a hundred-year-old tree. Feeling like a drink? The Folie Voltaire and its home-made brews will be just the thing.

Between lake and forest, Louis Bourget Park is the place to be in Lausanne when you want to organize a summertime picnic. Of course, you can come to get a tan and savour food, but the forest and nearby lake offer protection from the sun, while the gentle lake breeze will cool you down.

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The lake

The absolute must to cool down is the Jetée de la Compagnie, with its deck, its bars made from containers and – since 2019 – its easier access to the lake. Yes indeed! The place now has its own pontoon leading from the deck to the lake, so that you no longer have to risk your life by slipping on a rock. You just walk along the pontoon and climb down the ladder for a refreshing dip in Lake Geneva. Isn’t that wonderful?


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Over a kilometre of beaches await you at Bourget beach. That is to say that there is room for everyone here, and you can bathe right up to the Dorigny sports centre.

In Vidy, the beach is smaller, but it’s the ideal place to enjoy a swim and then go for a cocktail in one of the restaurants or bars there.

Bellerive swimming pool – a classic – is a part pool, part beach option. If you find it hard to make up your mind, it’s the right compromise. 400 metres of access to the lake, with a sandy beach on one side and three pools for a cooling dip on the other. There are even four diving boards for those in search of adrenaline.

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Why only visit museums when the weather is appalling? We don’t think of that often enough, but museums are brilliant places to escape from the heat and enjoy a refreshing visit, all the while educating ourselves! What more could we want? In the MyLausanne team, we love going to the Musée de l’Elysée’s beautiful mansion. And… entrance is free until the museum moves, so why not make the most of it?

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We also suggest you go to the Fondation de l’Hermitage to discover the beautiful beaux-art exhibitions and the magnificent 19th-century residence.

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What are your best Lausanne tips to cool down?

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