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The Lausanner
The Lausanner
May 2, 2022

As soon as the sun peeks out, Lausanners rush to the lake side. Prepare your bathing suit, your running shoes, your bike or your roller skates, we’re sharing our favourite activities to make the most of the lake and its shores this summer!

Run, walk, roller skate or cycle – from Lutry to Saint-Sulpice

Over no less than 9 kilometres, we follow the lakeside at our own pace, with or without wheels, walking or running. While it’s not possible to be on the water’s edge between Ouchy and Bellerive, the rest of the route is specially designed for pedestrians. From Vidy to Lausanne University, we can even enjoy a dip in Lake Geneva’s clear waters to cool down, or simply stretch out on the beach and laze for a bit. Perfect to gather our strength in readiness for the next activity!

Balades à pied et en vélo au Parc Bourget ©LT/ Laurent Kaczor Balades à pied et en vélo au Parc Bourget ©LT/ Laurent Kaczor
Suisse Tourisme Suisse Tourisme

Parcours Vita – Bourget Park

Yes, running is good. But working the upper body as well is even better. Let’s head to the Bourget Park’s Parcours Vita. Over 2.1 kilometres, this trail features 15 exercise stations between two running sections to work the various body parts. The trail itself is quite easy, alternating between segments in the sun close to the beach and detours in the forest in the shade of the trees. Whether you walk or run, it’s worth looking upwards to enjoy the scenery. And if you’re competitive, an information board lets you assess your level depending on your time. After this sporting prowess, let’s all take a dive in the lake to cool down!

Water-ski and wakeboard in Ouchy and Vidy

Are you seeking thrills? Then let’s head to Ouchy or Vidy to try water-skiing. The activity might not be easy, but once you’re out of the water and standing, sensations are guaranteed. And if you want more, you can also go wakeboarding or tubing in Vidy.

Wakeboard ©Thierry Dubey Wakeboard ©Thierry Dubey

After all that excitement, it’s time for a breather.

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Pedal boats in Ouchy 

The must of the summer: chilling on the lake in the sun. To spend a good time with mates, all we need is a pedal boat, a hat, a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen! The more energetic will sit at the front to pedal while the others (or the smarter ones, depending on the point of view) enjoy the ride. We’re off for an outing and to chill on the lake some distance from the shore.

LT/Laurent Kaczor LT/Laurent Kaczor

Paddleboard in Vidy

Once we’ve pedalled the boat back to the shore, it’s time for some more exertion. Come on, everybody! We all take our paddleboard and start paddling. After a short period to adjust, we get used to these large boards that are fabulous to improve balance and increase core strength. Once we’re comfortable, we can even spice things up: who’s up for a headstand on the board?

Mathilde Chauve Mathilde Chauve

Skateboard, roller skates and BMX at the Vidy Bowl

Back on firm ground, we head towards the Vidy skatepark to practise our tricks in the bowl, on the ramps or rails installed for sliding fans in Lausanne. We don our helmet and get ready to put our balance severely to the test.

Skatepark à Vidy ©LT/ Skatepark à Vidy ©LT/

PS: Don’t panic, we can also choose to enjoy the show offered by the sliding experts… and the sun.

And more…

Did you think that would be all for this sports tour? We’re in the Olympic Capital and not without reason, so it’s not! There’s still such a choice of activities by the lake. A basketball or beach-volley match on the courts next to the skatepark, or a friendly football competition on one of the Vidy pitches? There’s so much to choose from!

Michael Chronakis Michael Chronakis

And for those who wish to cool down, there’s always the option of swimming in the lake (no need to go all the way to Evian) or in the Bellerive Olympic swimming pool for those who prefer calmer waters.

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