7 great places to go gluten-free in Lausanne

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February 2, 2023

More and more of us avoid gluten in our diets these days, and thankfully Lausanne’s cafés and restaurants are stepping up to the plate with a diverse range of gluten-free dishes and sweet treats. From naturally gluten-free bowls and buckwheat pancakes to delectable desserts made with gluten alternatives, here’s how to eat out in Lausanne sans gluten. As always, if you have a severe allergy, please double check your menu choices with the restaurant.


One of the best choices in Lausanne for a quick gluten-free lunch is this little flexitarian café, which prides itself on catering for all diets and was serving gluten-free options long before other places caught on. Its salads and rice or quinoa-based bowls are imaginative, healthy, delicious and served in huge portions, while all its wraps can be ordered gluten-free. We love the Tex-Mex wrap, with cheese, corn, guacamole, tomatoes and your choice of chicken or tofu. The café also does gluten-free cakes and brownies, along with made-to-order smoothies and juices. Vegetarians and vegans will also find plenty to love here.


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Un Po Di Più

This fun Italian trattoria serves the kind of rich, delicious food an Italian nonna would make for her family. It’s a brilliant place for gluten-avoiders to go with a group of people, since all the pizzas and pasta dishes can be ordered as standard or gluten-free. Tuck into a Vesuvio pizza (with hot tomato sauce and spicy sausage) before following it up with a gluten-free lemon meringue tart. With colourful décor and a young, lively atmosphere, this is a must-visit if you like Italian food.


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Crêperie La Chandeleur

Who loves a pancake? Clearly, a lot of people in Lausanne, because this traditional crêperie just below the cathedral is perennially popular. Grab a table in the cosy, chalet-like interior and tuck into a naturally gluten-free buckwheat pancake (galette de sarrasin), with your choice of savoury filling – we recommend spinach, ham and cheese from the classic range, or La Romande (local sausage, cheese and creamed leeks) from the speciality menu. While the sweet crêpes are made with wheat flour, the restaurant also has a menu of decadent ice cream sundaes so there’s no need to miss out on dessert!


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Downtown Diner

You’re guaranteed a tasty gluten-free meal in a fun atmosphere at this popular diner right in the heart of Lausanne, above the Flon district. Inspired by North American cuisine but using local products, it’s perfect for a casual brunch, lunch or dinner. Choose the naturally gluten-free superfood salad or order one of the inventive burgers, all available with a gluten-free bun. Best of all, the fried chicken – served in a basket with potatoes and dips – is not only sans gluten but completely addictive!


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First and foremost a vegan café, this small, cosy place also caters well for those on a gluten-free diet. Lunch options include a dish of the day (such as lasagne), quiche, soup, salads and Buddha bowls, all without gluten and beautifully served if you choose to eat in at one of the tables or the window bench. But what we love most about Racines is the range of gluten-free cakes, biscuits and other goodies. Pair a coffee or a smoothie with a sweet potato brownie, a buckwheat flour cake or a muffin. And don’t forget breakfast – menu choices such as chia bowls and buckwheat porridge make this a great place to start the day.


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El Gato 

There’s nothing like a good sandwich, but that’s something people on a gluten-free diet often miss out on. Not here! This dedicated gluten-free bakery and café offers inventive filled baguettes and sandwiches using its own homemade gluten-free bread. Team your pulled pork and pickle baguette with a bowl of soup to eat in the upstairs tea-room, a cosy, vintage-inspired space that’s as homely as your granny’s living room! And don’t forget dessert – El Gato’s speciality is its beautiful cakes: eclairs, chocolate mousse cakes, fruit tarts, yuzu slices and much more, all so exquisitely presented that they look (almost!) too good to eat.


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L’Atelier des Gourmands

There’s a vintage feel to this gorgeous takeaway café in Lausanne’s Old Town, which has a traditional set of scales in the window and wooden shelves behind the counter, lined with jars and bottles. But the food very much caters to modern customers, with all our preferences and intolerances! Pick up a savoury cake, a cup of soup and a dark chocolate and almond slice – all gluten-free of course – either to eat in the café space at the back, where you can watch the bakers at work in the kitchen, or to take away. We recommend heading to the terrace beside the cathedral, just a few steps away, to munch your delicious picnic lunch with a beautiful view!


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