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Our ideas to reduce waste

January 1, 2021

If there is one New Year resolution to take, it’s got to be finding ways to waste less. At a time when the planet is crying out for help, we need to act!

And contrary to popular belief, that’s neither complicated nor burdensome. Here are some guidelines to get off to a good start the year by wasting less.

La Rustine and ReCYCLO

At Avenue d’Echallens 96, two organisations share a workshop. The first one, the collective La Rustine, provides a self-managed workshop. Every Wednesday from 4 to 8 pm, you can use the workshop to service your bike. Tools and spare parts recovered from old bikes are available. It’s all free, but donations are welcome.

ReCYCLO is also there: this organisation grew out of the realisation that many bikes are abandoned in Lausanne, which generates a huge waste. ReCYCLO therefore aims to salvage orphan Lausanne bikes and fix them to give them a new lease of life and offer them for mid- to long-term rentals (duration of rental is from one month to for ever). Perfect to try various types of bikes before adopting one for life!

Avenue d’Echallens 96, Lausanne


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Too Good To Go

It’s the no-waste app par excellence! It should be recalled that no less than two million tons of food are wasted every year in Switzerland. The catering business only accounts for 5% of that, but it’s a start. Too Good to Go’s aim is to provide a win-win solution. It enables restaurant owners to offer their unsold goods of the day cheaply, and buyers to enjoy a good meal at a lower price.


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Äss-bar (meaning “edible” in German) is a concept that comes straight from German-speaking Switzerland. The aim of this new kind of bakery is to fight food waste. Äss-bar’s idea is simple! To collect unsold goods from various artisan bakeries that are partners of their concept and give them a second chance. Sandwiches, croissants, pastries and breads with the label “frais de la veille” (“fresh from the day before”) are put up for sale again at very reduced prices.

Rue du Petit-Chêne 28 bis, Lausanne
Monday-Friday 9 am to 7 pm, Saturday 9 am to 1 pm

La Manivelle

La Manivelle is a bit like a library, except you don’t go there to borrow books, but all kinds of objects! The idea is to pool tools and other useful objects that are only needed from time to time; that way, everyone saves money while preserving the planet! What’s more, La Manivelle also leads to the creation of social ties and mutual support between people. In this way, we make room in our homes, and avoid buying and maintaining tools that we only use a few times a year (beer pumps, lawnmowers, camping gear, saws, etc.). La Manivelle offers a variety of monthly or annual subscriptions.

Rue du simplon 26, 1006 Lausanne


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Books boxes

The first Swiss book box appeared in 2015 in a former phone booth. Since then, they are blossoming all over town. You can see a map of their locations here. The idea behind a book box is simple: you deposit books that you have read and don’t need any more; in exchange, you help yourself to books that you like! Another possibility is to donate the books you no longer need to various organisations, bookshops and institutions of the City of Lausanne. A non-exhaustive list can be found here; do remember to call ahead to check there is still room for your books.

Valentine Thurnherr Valentine Thurnherr

Bulk buying

Bulk buying reduces our impact on the environment by waving goodbye to unnecessary packaging. This trend to consume differently by reducing waste has been a hot topic for a while now and isn’t about to slow down. All the better for our planet! Bulk grocery stores have arrived in Lausanne, so here is a wee selection to fill your jars!

Chez Mamie, Avenue de Tivoli 56

La Brouette, Avenue d’Echallens 79

Le Topinambour9 Avenue William-Fraisse

Bio C’est bon, Boulevard de Grancy 8

Vom Fass, Le Flon Voie du Chariot 5

Saveurs en Vrac, Rue Pré-du-Marché 6


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Doggy bag

One of the easiest ways of reducing waste is to ask restaurants for a doggy bag to take away meal leftovers. It’s a winning combo: we avoid throwing away food that is still edible and we have a meal ready for the next day, therefore saving time and money. It’s all good!


Reducing waste is within everyone’s reach! What do you think? What are your tips to consume less?

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