Lausanne: the best places for ice-skating

January 17, 2017

Montchoisi ice-skating rink

In summer, Montchoisi is a swimming-pool, and in winter the place turns into two outdoors ice-skating rinks. On the first one, you can exercise loops, flips, axels and any others figure skating jumps or just have fun with your friends. On the second one, you can enjoy a nice ice hockey game and some evening you can meet with friends for public ice hockey.

Patinoire de Montchoisi ©Laurent KACZOR Patinoire de Montchoisi ©Laurent KACZOR

After exercising on the ice, the ice-skating rink restaurant is open for you. On the menu: beef tartar, traditional cuisine and portuguese typical meals as cod (you definitely have to try it once!).

Pontaise ice-skating rink

Pontaise ice-skating rink is a neighbourhood rink situated in the middle of the velodrome. It is the spot for families and athletes from the north of Lausanne. Close the Olympic stadium, it is a quiet place where you can have fun and enjoy a great moment with your family.

Patinoire de la Pontaise ©LT/ Patinoire de la Pontaise ©LT/

Do not forget to bring your own ice-skates! 🙂

The Vaudoise aréna

The most known place for ice-skating lovers is definitely the brand new Vaudoise aréna !

Lausanne Hockey Club Lausanne Hockey Club

Ice-hockey in Lausanne: Lausanne Hockey Club

Have you ever heard of LHC? Lausanne Hockey Club is the ice hockey team of Lausanne. If you visit Lausanne in winter, you cannot leave without experiencing an ice hockey game in Malley rink, also called The chaudron (the cauldron) by hockey’s fans. You will be amazed by the atmosphere, the fans’songs and the cheers that you can hear in the whole rink. So grab a hockey jersey, bring a warm coat and let’s go!

Lausanne Hockey Club Lausanne Hockey Club
Valérie Badan Valérie Badan

P.S. Let’s meet from the 8th of May 2020 in Lausanne and Zurich for the ice hockey world championships !

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