Plateforme 10: the new 3 in 1 museum hub

Valérie, the trendy artsy
Valérie the trendy artsy
June 21, 2022

During the weekend of June 18-19, a selection of artists performed on the Plateforme 10 esplanade to inaugurate Lausanne’s new museum hub. Dance, theatre and concerts formed a plethora of approaches that was perfect to launch the arts district. Plateforme 10 is the union of and collaboration between three museums, MCBA, Photo Elysée and the mudac. These three cantonal institutions have been making Lausanne reverberate with arts and culture for many years, yet their new home right by the train station gives them a totally new dimension: more space for exhibitions, increased access for the public and synergies between the three establishments. Read on to discover more about each museum.

Valérie, l'arty trendy Valérie, l'arty trendy


The Vaud Museum of Fine Arts in Lausanne highlights unique artistic movements that have left their stamp on ancient, modern and contemporary art. Among my favourites, the Nabis (“prophets” in Hebrew) enhance the aesthetics of works through spirituality to break away from realist painters, whose intention was to depict nature such as it is. Colours were interpreted and represented with the spirituality inspired by the subject. What’s more, the MCBA’s restaurant is named “Nabi”! A pared-down space that provides ample room for the creative cuisine that finds its source in local artisans.

Valérie, l'arty trendy Valérie, l'arty trendy

Photo Elysée

A brand new visual identity for PHOTO ELYSEE, with the “TO SEE” promising beautiful exhibitions to come. A huge space, where the high ceiling and the light open up perspectives for photographic works. Photo Elysée is a concept that retraces the history of photography and shapes its future. One of the rare establishments specialised and dedicated to photographic processes that focuses on societal phenomena in connection with their time. Photography is a medium, but more than anything it is the orientation chosen by the artist. A desire to freeze a moment not for the sake of what the camera sees, but for what the photographer’s eye perceives. Disconcerting, nostalgic or sometimes provocative, emotion is present one way or another in the photographs. An artistic approach that Photo Elysée gives us the opportunity to discover thanks to its collection of more than 1,200,000 phototypes.

Valérie, l'arty trendy Valérie, l'arty trendy

The mudac

The mudac – Cantonal Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts – stands out in Western Switzerland. The institution is the only one in the area to offer contemporary exhibitions that highlight design. Its major strength probably resides in its collaborations with the universities that train the designers of the future. What I particularly like is that it seeks to represent our world through the questions raised by the latter, so that the mudac encourages us to rethink our environment and reflect on the shaping of our society. For a bit of trivia, drop in the “Lumen” café in the hall of the Photo Elysée and mudac building, and you will see the lightbulb that inspired the name of the café and belongs to the mudac’s collection.

Valérie, l'arty trendy Valérie, l'arty trendy

Train Zug Treno Tren.

18.06 – 25.09.2022

To celebrate the inauguration of the arts district, the 3 museums are each presenting an exhibition with the common theme of trains. It’s the opportunity to pay tribute to the location, a former SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) workshop, while focusing on one of the symbols of Switzerland, the railway. If you missed the open doors, no worries, the exhibition is on until September!

Valérie, l'arty trendy Valérie, l'arty trendy
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