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July 3, 2023

Now is the time to visit these little gems, all of which are very easy to access from Lausanne using public transport. You can finally experience these places that everyone is talking about for yourself! You will realise immediately that their reputation is well deserved, and whether you’re craving nature or culture, you will definitely head home full of memories of your stay.

Chaplin’s World

Did you know that Charlie Chaplin spent his final 25 years living at the Manoir de Ban in Corsier-sur-Vevey? Enjoy an inside look at the life of this well-known artist by taking an exclusive tour of his sumptuous residence. You will encounter personal belongings and anecdotes that will introduce you to another side of this famous actor. The interactive museum will immerse you in the world of cinema and reveal fascinating secrets from Charlie Chaplin’s iconic films along the way. This journey back in time will stay with you long after your visit has come to an end!

Getting there from Lausanne: 25 minutes on public transport to Chaplin’s World. Our tip: Book your visit directly via SBB railways and benefit from a special price!

Explore what the Lonely Planet has to say about it in their article ‘6 best day trips from Lausanne‘ 

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Glacier 3000

Experience one of the most beautiful panoramas in Switzerland located just two hours from Lausanne using public transport! After ascending to the top with the cable car, you will enter a mountain paradise featuring stunning views of the Eiger, Jungfrau and Matterhorn. The vista is so breathtaking that you might find it hard to believe. Go ahead and pinch yourself, but it’s real! The panoramic view becomes even more impressive when you cross the Peak Walk, the only suspension bridge in the world linking two peaks. We’re sure you will agree that it’s a must while visiting Glacier 3000.

Getting there from Lausanne: 2h 20m on public transport.

In summer

Need a breath of fresh air? Tank up while exploring Glacier 3000, which is also open during the summer. And when it comes to cool experiences, we’re not kidding when we say you might even get the chance to (literally) walk on snow. So don’t forget to swap your shorts and flip-flops for warm clothing and sturdy footwear! After crossing the famous suspension bridge, you can hurtle down the mountainside at breakneck speed on the Alpine Coaster, the highest toboggan run on rails in the world. And in our opinion, being able to gaze at a snowy-white landscape in the middle of summer really adds a magical touch.

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In winter

During the winter months, snow sports enthusiasts are greeted with more options than they will know what to do with at Glacier 3000. Ski and snowboard fans can take advantage of over 28 km of groomed slopes in an exceptional setting, while freestylers can try out their best backflips in the impressive snowpark at 3,000 metres. On the other hand, if you don’t feel quite at ease with skis strapped to your feet, don’t worry. The Fun Park toboggan run is waiting with open arms, while the magnificent hiking trail on the glacier is accessible all year round!

Le Glacier 3000 / restaurant Mario Botta Le Glacier 3000 / restaurant Mario Botta


Visiting Lavaux is a definite must during your stay in the Olympic Capital. What’s more, these UNESCO World Heritage-listed terraced vineyards are less than 15 minutes by train from Lausanne so distance is not an excuse!

In summer

There are many walks around Lavaux, and the breathtaking landscape will accompany you the entire time no matter which route you choose. Don’t forget to have a well-deserved break along the way and take time to admire the panorama. And don’t forget to keep hydrated, either. It would be a shame to wander through the vineyards without tasting at least one glass of local wine, wouldn’t it?

Les vignobles en terrasse avec vue sur le lac Les vignobles en terrasse avec vue sur le lac

Château de Chillon

You really shouldn’t miss a visit to this castle, one of Switzerland’s most popular monuments and easily accessible by boat or train from Lausanne! What makes Château de Chillon so charming? Its location, anchored directly in the waters of Lake Geneva. The castle is completely surrounded by and accessible from the lake and can also be reached by the bridge that connects it to the mainland (phew, no need to don a swimsuit to explore it). A visit to the castle transports us back to a time when being named Lancelot or Cunégonde was fashionable and, more than anything else, enables us to discover the incredible history behind this mythical monument. Be sure not to miss it!

Getting there from Lausanne: 45 minutes by train.

Vue sur le Château de Chillon, le lac Léman et les Alpes Vue sur le Château de Chillon, le lac Léman et les Alpes

Le Kuklos revolving restaurant in Leysin

What if we told you that it was possible to take a tour of the Alps in an hour and a half, all the time comfortably seated and accompanied by a tasty meal? Of course, when we put it like that, it sounds like a fanciful dream, but it is absolutely feasible.  Located less than two hours on public transport from Lausanne, Le Kuklos restaurant offers a unique experience enabling you to discover Switzerland’s most famous mountains without the slightest effort. How? Thanks to its revolving structure, which allows you to explore, among others, the Mont-Blanc, Dent du Midi, Tour d’Aï and Tour de Mayen peaks.

Getting there from Lausanne: 1h 45m using public transport.

In summer 

Take an after-dinner stroll to settle your meal and explore the renewable energies trail!

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In winter 

Spend the day zipping down the slopes at the Leysin ski resort!

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To make the most of it

Environmentally friendly, public transport is definitely the easiest way of getting to the location of your day trip. Frequent and hyper-punctual (we are in Switzerland!), just let yourself be guided from one place to the next. In addition, breathtaking landscapes open up in front of your eyes as soon as you set foot on a train, bus or boat! Just what you need to extend the adventure and discover the most beautiful panoramas from a comfortable seat.

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Voyage en train CFF a travers le vignoble en Lavaux Voyage en train CFF a travers le vignoble en Lavaux
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