What to savour and where at Bô Noël

Pauline, the culinary explorer
Pauline the culinary explorer
November 29, 2021

We were all waiting for it impatiently, and Bô Noël is back at last! The magic of Christmas is well and truly here in 2021. I couldn’t wait any longer to find out what Bô Noël has in store for us this year, so I went there the first week it opened. Obviously, strolling around in the cold weather opens your appetite… Here is a small selection of what you can savour during your visit(s) to Lausanne’s Christmas Market this year.

It’s difficult enough to choose when you’re exploring the market on the lookout for small handmade gifts, such as those you can find at the Creators’ Market. However, temptations are also many when it comes to food: a small bag of chestnuts, a wee piece of nougat, pancakes… It’s hard to resist.

So, when I was walking by LaBô, a place buzzing with life where we meet up for drinks and a bite to eat, I couldn’t help buying a little Saucisse Reine des Alpes combo (sausage and raclette cheese) with chips. The aroma of Malakoffs (cheese fritters) wafting from LaBô was irresistible, but resist I did… at least this time!

www.regiscolombo.ch www.regiscolombo.ch

Hot drinks

After a few hours of walking outside in the cold, I, of course, needed a pick-me-up. What could be better than mulled wine or, better still, a hot POMPOM, one of those craft fruit juices revisited for the Christmas festivities that lets you enjoy a drink like mulled wine but without the alcohol! For the enjoyment of children and adults.

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Cheese dishes

If you have a little more time and want to eat with friends or family, you can sit down to enjoy a good fondue, like those prepared at the “Igloo du terroir”. This year, I tasted the one with porcini: take it from me, it’s to die for! Savour it together with a glass of Vaud Chasselas wine by the fireside and you’ll have the perfect moment.

Bô Noël Bô Noël
Pauline Pauline

One of this year’s novelties is that you can take a seat in a giant caquelon (fondue pot) to savour your fondue in the Bel-Air terrace Belvédère with its new “Mondial de la Fondue” space! Or, Place Centrale, in the Coeurnotzet, that serves Wyssmuller fondues directly in a loaf of bread. And for yet more originality, you can eat your fondue in a horse-drawn carriage that will take you on a tour of Lausanne while you eat your meal. A lovely way of getting away and avoiding the crowds for a short, intimate and relaxing moment in a festive atmosphere.


For lovers of seafood, you can still find the lovely oysters and seafood platters at Bô Pêcheur (Place Saint François). It’s just what you need to get into the Christmas dinner atmosphere.

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Sweet specialities

And for those like me who have a sweet tooth, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to desserts and sugary snacks. I often choose the waffles or churros, but this year I succumbed to a Kürtoskalacs, a Hungarian speciality. It’s a strip of brioche dough which is spun around a wooden cylinder and then hung and gently roasted until it turns a beautiful golden brown. You can add toppings such as cinnamon, nuts, chocolate or, like me, speculoos spread…

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It’s just right to nibble on my way and end the lovely stroll that Bô Noël offers us this year on a sweet note. And for those who don’t fear heights, you can even savour it as you ride the Ferris wheel to admire the view over our beautiful city! A wee bonus: you can spot the illuminations of the Lausanne Lights Festival, particularly the projections on the Maison Mercier and even on the Cathedral!

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Wait no longer, put on your gloves and your thickest socks and hurry to discover the 7th edition of the Bô Noël Christmas Market! You won’t be disappointed.

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