Spots to skate or chill, the list!

Charlotte, the dancer rider
Charlotte the dancer rider
March 21, 2022

A great lover of nature and having lived in the Lausanne area since I was a young child, I first discovered the town by spending hours walking around it. It’s only in the last few years that my walks have taken on a new twist thanks to my longboard. Roaming around with my board allows me to feel proud, confident and especially to make the most of every flat area in this sloping city! I’ll share with you here my favourite spots to practise longboard dancing as well as the atmosphere you’ll find there. Here goes!

The cycle path behind the IOC in Vidy

This is where the asphalt is perfect, with a gentle incline that allows you to flow lightly and gracefully perform a sequence of longboard dancing movements. This is also where we give most of our initiations with the Longboard Girls Crew; in particular the Women Only ones that aim at boosting women empowerment, as well as having time for ourselves, among ourselves. It’s a place that’s rather out of sight, which is good to gain confidence while reappropriating the public space, so that we can then more easily ignore judgemental stares and be more confident when skating in busier places.

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The area between the Samaranch football stadium and the Carrousel de Vidy

The key venue for longboards dancers in Lausanne. A flat dancefloor with a hard surface, very popular with riders. This is also where the dock sessions (community gatherings of riders) take place every Sunday. A wonderful atmosphere to spend time with other people, come and try other boards (we lend each other our boards), trade skills, discover new styles or just chill and foster beautiful energies in good company.

Charlotte Charlotte
Charlotte Charlotte

The Sauvabelin canteen

It’s the place that’s available when the weather is fickle, a covered space that’s perfect to practise even when it’s snowing (we’ve tried it!). And so this is where you’ll find the most intrepid and passionate riders, those who practise whatever the weather.

Charlotte Charlotte

The Place de l’Europe

Between two bars, what could be better than to stop there to try two or three tricks, surrounded by the spot’s regular skaters?

LT/Julien Dorol LT/Julien Dorol

The alley in front of the Château d’Ouchy

A magnificently vast expanse, among the longest, to perform a sequence of movements by the lakeside. Be aware that it’s not the most unobtrusive location and passers-by do stare! However, it’s a great test for everyone to gain confidence and take pride, whatever our level! And you’ll surely even earn some compliments from curious passers-by who look at you admiringly.

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