No need to leave Lausanne to go to the beach, there is Lake Geneva!

The Lausanner
The Lausanner
June 19, 2023

In the summer, many of us rush to the seaside to enjoy the “sandy beaches – sun – warm water” combo.

Lausanners know they don’t need to go far to bathe. We’ll take you on a tour of the town’s beaches.

Ouchy Beach

Long awaited, it’s here at last: the brand-new Ouchy Beach, located in the Old Port! A platform that extends over the water, where we can just picture ourselves basking all day, alternating between soaking up the sun and cooling down in the lake’s turquoise waters. We won’t need to be asked twice to enjoy it all summer long! Icing on the cake, the well-known Veneta ice cream stand is just a few metres away to refuel with scrumptious ice creams at any time.

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Beaches around the Bourget

It’s quite straightforward: beyond Vidy Port (heading towards Geneva), over one and a half kilometres of beaches await you. You can actually bathe right up to the University’s sports grounds. You’ll also find a pedal-boat rental for a spin on the lake and a few refreshment stalls for a snack.

Some of the beaches are tiny, in the shade of a few trees, around the Vidy Bowl. Then a long stretch of sand provides a direct access to the lake. A footpath lets you leisurely follow the lakeside with a few energetic people who will overtake you on a bicycle or rollerblades. On the other side of the path, Bourget Park is the ideal place for barbecues with friends, summer get-togethers that often go on until late into the night. A golden opportunity to dive into the lake for a midnight bathe before heading back into town.

Vidy Theater beach

Same layout for this small beach located on the other side of Vidy Port, in front of the theatre. Here, you can not only bathe, but also sip a cocktail in one of the nearby bars. You’ll be spoilt for choice between the Watergate and its Italian cuisine and the Thaï au Lac and its terrace complete with deckchairs and golden sand. Lausanne is also a land of contrasts: enjoying the lake while picturing yourself in Phuket.

Lutry beach

A short 15 minutes away from the town centre, the village of Lutry possesses a beach that’s very popular with the locals. Despite its small size (about 200 metres long), there’s something for people of all ages. A playground for children, a diving board for teenagers and a lawn where adults relax in the sun. The more adventurous can give stand-up paddle boarding a try.

As the spot is in high demand, you might not find room to bring your own barbecue. No worries, though, the Lutry beach snackbar is open. Grilled meats or ice creams, beers or soda – we did say there was something for everyone! It’s family-friendly and the last beachgoers leave around 10 pm. For those who would like to enjoy the panorama on the way back, you can walk along the lakeside all the way to Ouchy. A nice 5-kilometre walk on the waterfront.

The half-beach, half-swimming pool alternative

Bellerive swimming pool

For those who like sand but prefer swimming in a pool, Bellerive’s offer is just right. Bordering the lake over 400 metres, the complex benefits from a direct access to it with a sandy beach. And there are also three pools (one Olympic-sized one), four diving boards (up to 10 metres), basketball and beach volleyball courts, a petanque lane and a football pitch, table-tennis tables, a vast expanse of lawn and a restaurant. For sure, there’s plenty to do in Bellerive.

In short, in Lausanne, there are loads of places to bathe. And it’s the same all around the lake: there are at least 100 beaches. The water of Lake Geneve might not be the warmest in the world, but in summer it does reach 25° C – that’s the ideal temperature for your legs after tackling the slopes of Lausanne ;-).

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