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The best spots to admire the sunset in Lausanne

The Lausanner
The Lausanner
February 8, 2021

Our favourite way of ending the day in style? By admiring the sky’s changing colours at sunset. The kind of occasions that inspire dreams and make us feel that everything is possible – like a timeless moment! So yes, of course, it absolutely is THE perfect setting to ask your darling to marry you, hold hands with today’s valentine, or to tell yourself that for sure your love for Leonardo DiCaprio is mutual. OK, we are getting a bit carried away, but the beauty of this moment makes us feel rather romantic. And all the more so since sunsets are stunning in Lausanne. Come on, follow us as we lead you to the best spots to watch the show (and it’s free).


We begin with the most obvious choice: the Ouchy lakeside! In summer as in winter, a walk by Lake Geneva is an essential part of any getaway in Lausanne. So why not end the stroll with an incredibly serene moment watching the sun disappear slowly behind the lake? The sky above Ouchy takes on magical hues and it’s also the best time to take a gorgeous picture of the famous Eole sculpture.


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LT/Sébastien Closuit LT/Sébastien Closuit


Our personal crush is for Lavaux: every time we think of it, our stomach flutters at the idea of its dizzying beauty. Its terraced vineyards, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, seem to plunge gracefully into Lake Geneva’s crystal-clear waters, under the gaze of the mountains rising majestically in the background. It’s so poetic, it would make us wax lyrical. And when the sun sets, it’s even more impressive: we defy you not to fall in love with this small paradise.


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The Cathedral’s Esplanade

Definitely one of the best places from where to watch the changing lights on the city! After climbing the iconic wooden staircase known as the “Escaliers du Marché”, you will discover a spot that is sure to appeal to sunset lovers (to which we belong, of course, as you will probably have gathered). On offer: a magnificent view on the Lausanne skyline that would almost rival New York’s (we’ll admit we’re not quite impartial).

LT/ Laurent Kaczor LT/ Laurent Kaczor

The Montbenon Esplanade

The view over Lake Geneva is breathtaking and is all the more so when the sky is ablaze with colour. The advantage of this location is that it is vast: there will be no need to share this uber romantic moment with others and you will therefore be free to appreciate it in a romantic tête-à-tête with your beloved. And if we were in your shoes, we would extend the evening’s enjoyments with a delicious meal at the Brasserie de Montbenon; it is – quite literally – a stone’s throw away from the esplanade.


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The Sauvabelin Tower

(Temporarily closed)

We do admit it, this spot requires some effort: to reach it, you need to climb the 151 steps that lead to the top of the Sauvabelin Tower. And yet it’s so worth it! A spectacular view over the forest, the lake and the mountains awaits you. The panorama is so stunning that we’d be willing to climb Mount Everest to contemplate it! Believe us when tell you that the 151 steps are soon forgotten.


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